Don’t be resourceful … have a chat

Times have changed. Humans are changing accordingly. Yet most parents are not ready to change.

Times have changed. Humans are changing accordingly. Yet most parents are not ready to change. There are many people here who preach to their children thinking that being a parent is the greatest qualification. But with each passing day, teenage children are adapting to the changing technologies. Those who live in the world of Instagram can enjoy a video in 30 seconds, a post with a photo in just three seconds. But the desire of parents is to give lectures to their children. In fact, the children may be wondering who to text next to.

Dr. Sharmila

“What if I just jumped out of the sky?” Only one of you has gone through all this. I am the one who understood the reality after the great struggle. Ashley’s actions have made me extremely irritated. I, like all parents, have preached to her. Ashley will have a haunting gaze somewhere and a state of mind that is far from that place. I have often told her, ‘Look into my eyes when I speak to you.’ She was sitting with her hair half covered her face so I didn’t even know her gaze. I get angry head on. She doesn’t seem to notice anything as she mutes herself. Many parents like me would have experienced a similar situation.

Ashley – Sharmila

One day I decided to approach this differently. I got angry and said to Ashley, ‘Why don’t you pay attention when I talk?’ “Mother … I have heard the same words, the same advice a thousand times. Why don’t you say short and sweet no matter what you say … you can even message me. Don’t scream unnecessarily, get angry and waste your energy. Every time you get angry and scream, I feel like the worst person in the world and I’m not worth living up to your expectations. Then I will stop trying. ”

Ashley’s words were like a slap in the cheek. Parents who are forced to tell brief information in Twitter style to their children living in the world of Twitter, realized that it was not right to be lecturing for hours. Whether you want to add what you want to say to your children, scream, get emotional and make the situation worse … be clear on what your purpose is. I have experienced that the short and sweet conversation that children expect in this regard is definitely fruitful and does not make the environment worse. I mean, instead of talking about resourcefulness, have a chat it will be favorite thing for children. Beyond this, sometimes face-to-face patience, There will be things in every home for the family to discuss together. There is no need to be emotional in that situation. It’s only worth the effort. “


“We teens didn’t have as much patience as you might expect. We understand the intent of the parents but it seems to us more when they say the same thing over and over again. I do not hate my mother’s advice or conversation all the time. The problem is when they change the lecture pattern …. that’s when I mentally leave that place. Our peers do not like to spend too much time on one thing. The search for what’s next, what’s next is high within us. Can you join us and change a little … ”

– Happy Parenting …

Lack of attention!

Ten years ago teenagers focused on something they saw on the internet, lasting as long as 12 minutes. For example, if they are looking at a science-based subject, they were constantly focused for at least 12 minutes. But over the past few years, such focus has diminished from minutes to seconds. In particular, their focus is much less when using a mobile phone than a desktop or laptop.


As the notifications are high when viewed through mobile, their focus suddenly turns to other things. When using desktops, laptops, etc., they spend a lot of time on these things due to their large screen and minimal notification hassles. But, this too is only for a few seconds. Otherwise the time spent on the internet has been reduced to 49 seconds in the last 3 years. This time is decreasing every year.