Do not put ‘Palmyra Palm’ on the birds head;

She does not talk to me directly about it whenever she feels stressed.

“We’ve been like this. I do not know why teenage children these days are so lazy, arrogant, disrespectful Bengalis …" "Can you hear this lament
in many homes with teenage children ..

That lament is true …

let the child be like that …  You can also advocate. Did you know that makes them behave like that?

Dr. Sharmila
Let’s look at one common challenge that many faces. Today’s teenage children are under a lot of pressure to study. There is a commitment to do great things in less time. On the one hand the expectation of the parents, on the other hand, the pressure put on the teachers on the other hand that burden is almost equivalent to putting a banana on the bird’s head. This is the situation of most children in their teens today. Beyond that, they are doing what they can in the best way possible.

Take the example of three teenagers as 1-2-3. Number 1 of these may require study assistance. So he can seek the help of his family. Number 2, you can get tired of studying and look for video games to free yourself from it. No. 3, unlike the first two people, maybe the one who thinks patiently about what his problem is and finds solutions to it himself.

So not everyone in their teens is the same … they don’t approach a thing the same way. Parents need to understand that they can have many problems at that age, such as the study, on the one hand, image anxiety about their body on the other, and friendship issues. Parents need to realize the need to support them in that difficult journey from childhood to adolescence.

Let me cite my daughter Ashley as an example in this regard. She does not talk to me directly about it whenever she feels stressed. She will fall asleep immediately if she is stressed. This act of hers initially made me angry. She knew something was up. But I’m angry at why she refuses to realize that sleep is not the answer. Only later did I realize that she understood that too. When I realized that this was her technique to get rid of stress, I gave her space and allowed her to deal with stress in the course.

She would come and talk to me when the problem was less serious when I woke up. That approach was great. Such conversations between the two in a calm mood have always ended smoothly.

If you also have children in your teens …Be yourself as a teenager .. Do not look at your teenage daughter or daughter from this angle.
Realize that they have problems at that age and allow them to approach them in the way they want. Help your teenage daughter solve her son's problems without thinking of them as common problems. Continue healthy, positive celestial conversations with your teenage children

The problems your children face in adolescence may seem normal to you as a parent. They are big problems for children at that age. So, if they get used to seeing you in place, the children may trust you … and talk about anything.