‘No’ means no

All of these answers may seem reasonable if you think from the parent’s point of view  ‘No’ is not just a word, it is a complete sentence. It needs no explanation or justification. However, many people are afraid and reluctant to say and use this single word.

It is common for many people to get caught up in saying ‘yes’ to even the truly impossible, thinking about what others will think of us if they say no.

The word plays a major role in child-rearing. Yet the vast majority of parents do not say ‘no’ to anything out of affection and love for their children. Parents cannot always say ‘OK’ to everything their children ask for. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. They also need to realize that it is in their best interest.


Dr. Sharmila – Ashley

Dr. Sharmila

‘When your child asks you something you know  it’s not right, why hesitate to say’ no ‘?’ Asked some of the parents. ‘I’m a mother … how can a mother deny when a child asks?’ Starting with, ‘Awesome people go to work. We do not have time to spend even Pillainga. I did not know any other way but to do what he was asked to do to compensate for it ‘,’ The only daughter/son… She (nu) we are going to do to someone else … ‘There were various responses. Some said ‘can’t’, ‘no’ and then the children did not like our weeds …. that’s why ‘.

All of these answers may seem reasonable if you think from the parent’s point of view. But even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. These tips can help parents who are thinking of saying ‘no’.

1. Do not say often ‘If I say

‘ no ‘to whatever the children ask in the mindset of’ I am very strict … Enkitta Yova … ‘then their anger towards you will increase. Listen to what the children are saying, think about it, and then decide whether to say OK or ‘No’. Also, note that by saying the word ‘no’ they are sowing in the minds of the parents the resentment that they are standing in the way of their happiness.

2. Why do you say ‘no’?

When a parent says ‘no’ to something he or she is eagerly anticipating, children will not be able to bear it. But they will agree if you make it clear to them why you said that. They will understand you too. Be honest with your children. Just as you expect them to treat you, so do you.

3. Do not change!

If you alternate between saying ‘OK’ today and saying ‘No’ tomorrow to what your children are asking for, they will stop listening to you. If you think your words should be valued at home, think of anything. Do not listen to Yosik after speaking. Let the children know that there are certain rules for your home. You mustn’t overdo it if they want to follow those rules.

4. Are you sure you want to say ‘no’?

You need to have the clarity to say ‘no’ to any subject in any place. Your teenage son or daughter can share an innovative idea with you. Even if it does not suit your family’s grief, you can say ‘yes’ if you like it. You can argue with your child. But, it has to happen as a game without reacting. Your vision of whether a thing is necessary or not should be understandable to your children.


Not only me, but the only word most people in their teens don’t like is the ‘no’ their parents say. We ask Mom and Dad for permission to do everything until we reach a certain age, and at some point, we conclude that they do not expect an answer. No matter what they say, their answer is ‘no’, and then it’s imprinted on our minds asking for permission. To escape from this, we begin to think about how to do the things we want to do without our parents knowing. There is a reason I share this here.

Everything children do without the knowledge of their parents’ fear of being told ‘no’ is risky enough to endanger them. I have had many experiences of getting stuck in a rut doing so many things without my mom knowing.

Let me tell you about an incident for example. One of my friends did nail art. Seeing that made me want to have artificial acrylic nails too. When he asked his mother he said ‘no’. But I begged my grandparents to do nail art without my mother’s knowledge. Mom was angry when she found out. Let mom say whatever she wants … I was happy all day as it was beautiful. The next day I could not eat and could not work on the computer. That nail art was so troublesome that I could not do any of my work.

‘I will not say no ‘to anything for no reason. I said no because there is such a thing as disgust. One thing you think you can do for beauty is not to make yourself uncomfortable. Besides, it’s like long nails, and everything that grows is not good for health. ‘ A lot more can be said like this. My mother used to say, ‘I do not know why you do this,’ and I often said, ‘If you say no ‘, say’ no ‘, there is another way.’ After arguing like this many times we both concluded.

When I say something, if I do not agree with it, my mother will fully explain to me why I do not want it. If he says `no ‘it is’ no’. I never had any other options. But he will not think that I have to say ‘no’ to anything I say. He will let me in if I come to believe that what I am saying or wanting is safe for me. The `no ‘she says
because she understands mom doesn’t fool me these days.

 – Happy Parenting…

Children who are brought up where teen data should be given freedom and reprimanded where it should be dragged outgrow up with good mental health. Psychiatrists say that people who are raised with strict or excessive pampering have mood swings.

According to the World Health Organization, 10 to 20 percent of children experience mental illness in their teens. Most of them do not talk about it and do not ask for help.

Statistics show that most mental health problems start at the age of 14 in children. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among children aged 15 to 19 years. Data from the National Mental Health Survey shows that 9.8 million children between the ages of 13 and 17 in India need serious intervention in their activities.