Three Mistakes Parents Should Not Make!

We conveniently forget the teenage path that we as parents went through and start teaching children.
‘How can it be possible to come up with an instruction menu to do this when the baby is born … I
have heard a lot of parents say that the child-rearing journey will not go smoothly and without fear.

Dealing with children has changed a lot today. Traveling with teenage children is even more  challenging. Although the instruction manual is not at all possible due to the greed of the parents, I can share some things with my fellow parents based on the experiences of the past path. After listening to them you may change your mindset of ‘Is this just for me …?’. Yes “We are there for you”

As a mom, I always wanted my baby to be the best I could be. Probably all parents have this intention. We want to give them the best of the life we have lived and nurture them so well that all parents expect them to shine in their lives. But, in our efforts toward this expectation, we will encounter a lot of slippage in the mindset.

Not every parent makes mistakes in those matters and just learns from them. We tell you the mistakes we made as pioneers. The relationship between you and your children will become happier if you avoid those mistakes when raising teenagers.

1. Most children in their teens will behave a little differently. From a parent’s point of view, that behavior may seem a little ‘crazy’. Based on that view, we conclude that ‘teenage children are like this.

We conveniently forget the teenage path that we as parents went through and start teaching children. We will lament, ‘How can your peers just sleep and watch TV all night when they have no work to do …’

That is where children learn to disrespect their parents, lie, and do many other things. With stories and experiences that you hear like this, it will be like that when your child enters the teens tomorrow … Do not decide in advance that it will be.


2. Over Strict, Over Freedom … These two should not be in child-rearing. It’s okay to be friendly with  children to the extent that they share everything with you. But, if you know they are undermining your self-esteem by taking advantage of the same, do not allow it. Only you can feel the thin line between a friendly attitude and border violation.

3. Do not miss the dialogue emphasized in the first chapter of the series.

Many parents avoid texting with their children, thinking, ‘Where can we find a child to talk to?’ That’s wrong. If you are willing to set aside time for your children, they will be willing to do the same. Healthy communication between parents and children is the foundation of a strong relationship, ”says Dr. Sharmila.

Nothing Is Wrong if you are Imperfect!

“As a teenager, I would like to share how parents behave in my view. I have only seen Engamma ‘Miss Perfecta’ since the day I can remember. Many times I’ve been made to feel them when I can not meet that expectation. I made a mistake and at one point I concluded that I was not feeling well.

We have had a lot of fights. No matter how hard I tried, nothing was going to be enough and I stopped trying at one point when I was not going well. When I came up with the idea of ‘Imperfect’, I turned away from ‘Perfect’ somewhere.

Teachers asked me to tell my mother to come to school because I did not know home and took my cell phone to school. I was afraid of what Annie’s mother would do to me and how she would plan everything.

Come to school and talk to the teacher and let my mother pick me up under the tree. In anticipation of the reprimand, my mother hugged me and said, ‘This is nothing. Naturally, everyone made a mistake.

I’m wrong with you. Realize the mistake and correct it next time. Do not do this again … ‘Give me very kind advice. Then I understood a lot of things.

There is no such thing as a mother-father superior and a child inferior. He is not perfect because he is a mother and father. They too have been corrected for their mistakes. The same goes for children. My life is better understood if I understand and correct the things that Mom and Dad point out wrong.

My mother understood ‘Imperfect’ just like me. Imperfecta feet tapping. The two of us understand that the mother-daughter relationship is the perfect one and that’s where the relationship is made perfect, ” Ashley said.

– Happy Parenting …Teen Data …

One-third of teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17, or 66 percent, live with both parents. 24% live with mom only and 5% live with dad only. Another 5 percent live without both parents.

The mother-father relationship plays a huge role in the development of the children. Children’s behavior, school functioning, mental health, social status, etc. all depend on the smooth, happy relationship between mother and father.

Children who grow up with both mother and father are often healthy without resorting to drugs and violence. For example, children grow up noticing the attitude of both parents as they deal with  feelings of frustration, anger, pain, and failure. Children who grow up watching their parents’ positive attitudes and mature behaviors develop a more mature approach to any situation in life. Children who grow up alone or with no one to guide them as a parent have a lot of difficulties in controlling their emotions and dealing with problems. They go astray without knowing how to handle them.

In this case, it does not matter if the parents are in the same house. Their social relationships, conversations with children, relationships, etc. also play an important role in this matter.

source- ACT for Youth